Scientific Committee

The aim of the Scientific Committee is to consolidate the role of the Fondazione Serbelloni in Milan and in view of Expo 2015 by developing its cultural identity as set forth in Article 2 of the Fondazione’s Articles of Association.


  • Promote, safeguard and enhance the value of the family’s historic monuments, Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan, and Villa Sola Cabiati in Tremezzo on Lake Como.

  • Become a center for the promotion and administration of cultural activities in these historical buildings. 

  • Guarantee the specific cultural importance and role played by Palazzo Serbelloni and Villa Sola Cabiati to educate people in the appreciation of Beauty, Art, History and Culture in their multiple forms.


As provided for by Article 14 of the Articles of Association, Fondazione Serbelloni has established a Scientific Committee whose members are appointed by the Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the Fondazione’s President.

The Scientific Committee is an interdisciplinary committee responsible for the Fondazione’s cultural activities; it works closely with the President, to generate, promote and spread culture as follows:


The Scientific Committee establishes the guide lines for developing cultural activities the Committee intends to pursue in accordance with Fondazione policy as established by the Board of Directors. The guide lines have a pluri-annual validity (2015) and must be proposed to the President and approved by the Board of Directors once the opinion of the owners of the historical monuments has been voiced.


Annually, the Members of the Scientific Committee, on the basis of their specific competences, identify and present to the President of the Fondazione any cultural events or initiatives to be held in Palazzo Serbelloni, Villa Sola Cabiati or in any of the other venues supported by the Fondazione which they feel may help Fondazione Serbelloni achieve its cultural goals. 


The Scientific Committee will express its opinion to the President of the Fondazione on cultural initiatives proposed by other institutions.


Furthermore the Scientific Committee will:

promote and support the activities of the Fondazione vis-à-vis citizens, institutions and interested persons in general;

pursue projects financed in such a way as to develop its cultural role.


PERMANENT MEMBER - in office until 2015;

PERIODIC MEMBER - 3 annual “seasonal” meetings (planning-review-closure of annual program); may be summoned as the occasion arises;

VOLUNTEER MEMBER - not remunerated; helps carry out program;

INTERDISCIPLINARY MEMBER - the specific competences of individual committee members are HISTORY, ART, MUSIC AND SOCIAL with particular emphasis on the culture of Milan and Lombardy. Furthermore the Committee has a multidisciplinary competence to develop the Fondazione’s public and institutional role.  


HISTORY - Maria Canella, professor of history, Università degli Studi di Milano and Politecnico di Milano.

VISUAL ARTS - Giovanni Gastel, photographer, president Afip

MUSIC - Maria Luisa Colombo, musician

PUBLIC POLICY & NETWORKING - Pietro Petraroia, president Eupolis

Representing the property owners is Arch. Andrea Gola with specific competence in the history and characteristics of historical buildings.

The Board is presided over by Fabrizio del Balzo and chaired by the President of the Fondazione.

The Fondazione directly handles all communication with the committee.


Villa Sola Cabiati
Palazzo Serbelloni Immobiliare